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Let us get into some finer details about how we operate.

We want our couples to feel at complete ease when it comes to our photography services. That means, if you’d like to meet up over some coffee or some snacks to talk about all of the wedding details you can think of, we’d be more than happy to chat! Have questions about wedding stuff that doesn’t even involve photography? Hit us up! We’ve not only been to tons of weddings before to see some behind the scenes details, but we’ve also gone through the same process of planning our own.

With that being said, let’s talk about our approach for your day. We love couples who know what they want. In fact, a detailed timeline of your day will win us over in a heartbeat! But if you have a whole board of Pinterest poses that you want us to follow to a T, we may not be the best fit. Don’t get it twisted - we will absolutely get some poses here and there if you fell in love with them the moment you saw them. We’re always open to suggestions! But keep in mind, we are professionals; we promise we know what we’re doing! And as many poses that you might find that will undoubtedly be adorable, we want to capture what this whole day is going to be about: YOU.

Our jobs wouldn’t be nearly as fun if every couple we photographed were cookie-cutter versions of each other. It is extremely important to us that we capture your day in its own uniqueness. This just means, while we will be giving you direction here and there to make sure that you’re set up for the perfect shot, we will also let your personalities unfold naturally in front of the camera. Your wedding experience is totally different from everyone else’s, and we want to make sure that your photos reflect it!




We’ve rambled enough - let’s get down to business! We'd love to meet with you to make sure that we're a perfect fit. Fill out the form below so we can talk soon!

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