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Awesome! Now let's get serious for a second.

We want our couples to feel at complete ease when it comes to our photography services, which means we would love to meet in person to talk about any details and answer all of the questions that you might have. With that being said, we want to talk about our approach real quick. We love couples that know what they want, but if you have a list of poses and a Pinterest board you want us to follow to the T, we may not be the best fit for you. And that's totally okay! We want you to choose a photographer that's best for you. Now don't get it twisted, we're always willing to photograph a pose or two that you're just dying to get. But don't forget, we're professionals - we know what we're doing!

On your wedding day, we will be flies on the wall. We always give direction and cues when needed, but prefer to capture moments in their own uniqueness. That means we'll be photographing all of the real, honest moments. We're here to photograph your day as is, so soak it in and let us capture it!




If you agree with everything we've ranted about so far, let's get to business! We'd love to meet with you to make sure that we're a perfect fit, and chat about all of the details about your wedding. Fill out the form below so we can talk soon!

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